Huge mod for Skyrim used as a job application to Bethesda

Skyrim_mod_Falskaar_ss01 Mods is one of the big perks in PC, especially when it comes to playing games like Skyrim. The mod community creates these to enhance the experience, and share it to the world. They are one talented bunch, but one modder in particular goal in creating this amazing mod - To hopefully land a job at Bethesda.

Nineteen-year old Alexander J. Velicky developed a mod called Falskaar that adds 25 hours of unique content, complete with new voice acting and an original sound score. The passion and determination is inspiring, he invested around 2,000 hours into this mod with his family all behind him, providing the support he needs. Have a look at the trailer for Falskaar below.

With work like this, Bethesda should take notice and get in contact with Velicky. With results like this, heck any big studio would love to take this kid under their wing. Kudos to him, and I hope he does land that dream job at bethesda.

I might just reinstall Skyrim just for this mod because additional 25 hours of content is no joke.

You can download the mod right over at Skyrim Nexus.

[Source: PC Gamer]