E3 2011: Resistance 3 E3 trailer

New Trailer for Resistance 3 was released in this year's E3. August 1957, United States is lost. Four years after Resistance 2, dishonorably discharged sentinel Joseph Capelli has given up fighting the Chimeran menace; he has been reduced to hiding with other survivors, including his wife and young son. When Dr Fyodor Malikov arrives with the opportunity to deliver a blow to the occupying Chimeran force, Capelli leaves his family to journey the harrowing road from Oklahoma to New York City.



Loved Resistance 1 but got didn't like Resistance 2. I don't know why but the second game never clicked for me and i believe it will be the same with the third game. It's a great trailer but my opinions about this game still stands, it won't last with Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 coming out soon and the Campaign doesn't seem strong enough to carry the game. We'll have to see.