New Agni's Philisophy tech demo videos showcase character detail being tweaked

Agnis-Philosophy Have you seen Square Enix's tech demo called Agni's Philisophy? No? Ok click here, be amazed, then come back. That was done in real-time using Square's new game engine called "Luminous Studio. Now, two new videos have shown up on the net featuring some changes being done to a character's detail in real-time.

With the reveal of the tech demo in this year's E3, Square  Enix was simply advertising the power of their new engine. Agni's Philosophy isn't a game in production, but it definitely gave us an idea on what their games could look like in the future. This is Square Enix looking forward. It's hard to believe that 3D models like these with amazing visuals and detail can simply be manipulated by a simple slider on the side.

This engine is being created for next-gen, and as much as this looks impressive, it will be years until any game will be developed using this game engine. Hopefully, whatever title they have planned to be the first game under the Luminous engine won't take as long to develop as Final Fantasy XIII, or versus XIII (Which is not even out yet).

E3 2012: Square Enix shows what Final Fantasy could look like in the future

Agni’s Philosophy Square Enix has their eyes on the future. During E3 2012, they revealed Agni's Philosophy, a tech demo showing how future Final Fantasy games will look like.  The graphics engine used is called Luminous Studio - Square Enix's new engine built from the ground up. The gap between real-time graphics and cinematics get smaller and smaller through the years. With how this tech demo looks, it seems they could be eliminating the gap completely. Have a look for yourself.

Take note: This is all played in real-time. Not a rendered video or cinematic. This is also not a game currently in development. The characters, setting, and environment is all created to show the public what Square Enix games could look like in next-gen consoles. I suggest you watch the video on 1080P to really see the quality.