Quantic Dream reveals an amazing tech demo called Kara

Kara Tech DemoQuantic Dream, makers of Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy showed up at GDC 2012(Game Developer's Conference) to show off the company's latest game engine that will be the foundation of the French studio's next game. They showcased a 7-minute tech demo called "Kara" that pretty much amazed me on how powerful the engine is. take note, this tech demo is being played through a Playstation 3 in real-time, not a cinematic video.

Again, this isn't Quantic Dream's next title, but this is the engine being built from the ground up for the next game. The game engine is only 50% of its features right now, but the engine looks promising.

David Cage, co-founder of Quantic Dream's, revealed the tech demo to GDC and again aims to deliver a game never done before. They're last game, Heavy Rain, which is actually hard to explain on what kind of game it is, had huge success in terms of sales and reception. They delivered a game no one has ever experienced in gaming and are exploring new ways to bring something new to the market.

“There are people doing more interesting things or different things, perhaps, but I feel we’re pretty alone in what we’re trying to explore,” he said, referring to whatever project the company does have coming next.

“What we’re trying to create is really interactive entertainment for an adult audience. We don’t pretend that we’re cleverer than anyone else – but there are so many games out there that provide limited entertainment, and we try to make something for a more mature audience.”

 Heavy Rain launch Trailer

what drew me to Heavy Rain was that it was a game you will not experience again in a couple of years, and it's true. No studio will take the risk of pulling out resources on a game that drives heavily on story and player decisions alone. It's a risk Quantic Dream's took and it seems they are planning to take that same risk. Can't wait to see what they planned in their studio.

It might take a while until they reveal the game that will be running this game engine, but it will be worth the wait.

[Source: VG247]