VGX 2013: Tales from the Borderlands announced, a Telltale crossover project with Gearbox Software

tales-of-the-borderlands-pc-1386459500-001 Looks like Telltale is going all out next year. Another episodic title was announced by them but this time it's a crossover project with Gearbox Software. Tales from Borderlands will take place in the crazy world of Pandora and is played like any other Telltale game. Check out the trailer below.

Another interesting mix for this story-driven developer. All development is being done at Telltale games with only Gearbox Software simply providing the assets and materials.  There will be new characters introduced as well but like what Marcus said in the trailer- They are not Vault Hunters. Interesting stuff. We'll get to explore Pandora in a different light in 2014.

This isn't the only announcement from Telltale Games. They also announced that they are currently working on a Game of Thrones title that's also going to be an episodic series just like their previous games. The Walking Dead Season 2 starting this December, The Wolf Among Us currently on-going, Tales from the Borderlands, and a Game of Thrones title all at once? Telltale Games is a busy bunch for sure.