The Wonderful 101 7-minute extended trailer introduces the characters and story

TheWonderful101-ss01 Nintendo released a lengthy trailer for The Wonderful 101, an exclusive title for the Wii U that let's you control a crowd of super heroes fending off an alien invasion. The trailer introduces the characters in the game, the unite morphs, as well as revealing a good chunk of the story to get us all started when it releases this September. Check out the trailer below. 

This has to be the first time in a long time that I get this urge to consider the Wii U. It's way over the top! And that's a good thing. Gameplay though seems unique in a way that it's really hard to distinguish what kind of game this is from afar. This could go both ways for Platinum Games, so extended trailers like this makes a lot of sense, because they need to throw as much information at gamers that own a Wii U to consider a game like this.

The Wonderful 101 is going to have a hard time when it gets released. A true underdog being a completely new IP, as well as being an exclusive title to a new console struggling in terms of sales. And to make matters worse, Grand Theft Auto V is out in September. Why Nintendo decided to pin their new title against a highly anticipated game is beyond me.

The Wonderful 101 will be out on September 15 exclusively for the Wii U.