Pixelated Final Fantasy 7 Figures

3d printed cloud

Final Fantasy VII on the original PlayStation was the first role playing game I have ever played. Going on a whim and asking my brother to buy all 3 discs for me because my friends said it was a good game introduced me to the wonderful genre that is JRPGs. With it being the first 3D Final Fantasy game and it originally developed for the Nintendo 64, the out of battle graphics weren't that great.

The pixellated chibi meat arm characters that we all know and love never got the figure treatment in their overworld forms. I understand that their meat arms were due to graphical limitations at the time and did not represent their true appearance but nostalgia is a big thing to us folks who grew up in the 90s.

3d printed ff7 Artist Joaquin Balding took it to himself to print out little FF7 figurines using a 3D printer and sold there tiny beauties online for around $15 a pop. This excited many a gamer as it perfectly captured their pixely goodness. Square Enix, however, sent Shapeways (the 3D-printing shop that Balding was using to create and sell the figures) received a takedown notice last week and the figures were immediately pull off the market. This is saddening news but Square Enix is known for defending its intellectual properties and they are well in their right. Let's just hope that Square Enix takes a hint that there's a market for those kinds of figures and maybe they'll release their own set.