Persona 4 Arena Getting A Sequel / Update

p4a update 11 It looks like Persona 4 Arena is getting either a sequel or an update. Sporting a new UI, a new HUD and (at least for now) 2 new characters.

The new characters the have been revealed are Junpei and Yukari from Persona 3. Arc System Works began a location test for the game at two locations in Japan from August 16 to 18. Every character is also said to have Shadow of versions now and that Shadow characters will not have burst.

I'm getting a little too excited about this seeing as P4A is one of my favorite fighting games of this generation of consoles. Hearing about this is quite surprising, especially with the new BlazBlue coming out soon and the next Guilty Gear being in the works. Definitely will be trying out my girl Yukari-chan if and hopefully when I get my hands on this

Source: [Gematsu, Eventhubs]