J-Stars Victory Vs

J-Stars Victory Vs 01The weeaboo in me is going absolutely nuts right now. What looks to be a very nice looking Jump game is coming out in HD later this year. Formerly known as Project Versys J, this game is called J-Stars Victory Vs. Featuring famous Shounen Jump characters such as Naruto, Son Goku, Kenshin Himura and Monkey D. Luffy, it's a 3rd persion action brawler much in the same vein as the DBZ Tenkaichi games. It even looks like it's using the same graphics and environments from Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi.

J-Stars Victory Vs 02 Made in part to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Japan's weekly Jump Magazine, this has been touted to be the 'ultimate Jump game'. The game is published by Namco Bandai and will be released for PS3 and PS Vita sometime this year.

J-Stars Victory Vs 03