Guild Wars 2 devs plan to add content every 2 weeks

28243_1_4ee95fc501 Usually MMO devs take longer to create more content as the months go by. Well, for Guild Wars 2, Arenanet plans to speed up the content updates from every 3 weeks to 2 weeks. 

It's crazy, at the same time an amazing bit of news for players still stuck in the world of Tyria. The first example is the latest update that just came yesterday, The Sky Pirates of Tyria update, which is a follow-up to the current Dragon Bash festival still ongoing. With June almost over, we might see another content again soon since Arenanet has been releasing themed content every month since launch.

lead content designer Mike Zadorojn told Gamerzines that they are getting better and faster at creating content:

“It’s interesting because it feels like were launching [a new game] every two weeks, and so there’s still that level of excitement when we jump in and see what’s new, what’s going live, and play the content again and then realise, ‘Oh god there’s a bug, okay,’ then it all starts over again,” Zadorojny explained.

“’Okay we’ve got this issue, do we need to fix this right now, or can it wait until the next release? Okay we need to fix it now, okay what hotfix? what’s the priority? Do we have somebody working on it, what’s the solution?’ That kind of stuff…”


“Our goal is that as we do this, we’re getting better and better at it. We’re starting to catch the bigger mistakes that we would’ve missed earlier on. We’re starting to build the infrastructure, the framework and the tools to help us do this because we really think that this is the longevity of the product,” he told us with an air of confidence.

“If we can push this, if we can add content every two weeks that is engaging to the players, then really it’s almost like a TV show at that point. It’s kind of stay tuned until next week for the thrilling conclusion of…That’s where our goal is, and it’s really fascinating when you have an entire studio dedicated to pulling off.”

This concerns me a bit because throwing content out the door might ruin quality. But so far, it looks like they are pulling it off. This kind of consistent updates is rarely seen in a developer, and if they can really dish out good content every two weeks, it will only mean that other devs will pick up that it is possible and hopefully follow suit, because constant updates on an MMORPG is key to staying afloat.

Sky Pirates of Tyria was released just yesterday.