E3 2013: First gameplay footage of Outlast

outlast Aside from The Evil Within, Outlast is another survival horror that's shaping up to be a game to watch out for, if you want a really good scare of course. For PC and PlayStation 4, this game revolves around a journalist entering an abandoned asylum. Of course he regrets that decision when he realizes what was going on inside. Have a look at the gameplay below.

The gameplay gives a strong resemblance of horror movies taken in the cameraman's perspective(Blair Witch Project), which is a good twist in the genre. The night vision is also a nice touch and seems to be required most of the time. It's being developed over at Red Barrel games, a new studio mixed with ex-splinter cell developers. This will be their first game, and it looks like they will be off with a good start.

Outlast - Official trailer

It's expected to be released later this year for PC and PS4.