Skyrim DLC's for PS3 now dated

Dragonborn-ss01 We posted a few weeks ago that Bethesda has announced that Skyrim's DLC is finally heading to the PS3. During that post, no date was given but they now dated each DLC, that's all coming out this February.

First DLC hitting the Playstation Store is Dragonborn coming on Feb 12. Next will be Hearthfire, giving players the chance to buy their own land in Skyrim to build their dream house, it comes out on Feb 19. Last will be Dawnguard and it will be available on Feb 26.

All DLC will be 50% off on its first week of release, so if you've been waiting for new content, you get a good deal if you get it early.

For PC players, Dragonborn will be available for purchase and download on Feb 5.

A bit too late since I'm sure many players have moved on, the game is already a year old after all. But there might be a few out there that was patient enough to wait for Bethesda to figure out their porting issues to the PS3.

[Source: Gamespot]