Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini No. 02 - Squall Leonhart

Squall Trading Arts Mini 01

As seen in the latest Recent Buys post, I got me a mini figure of Squall Leonhart in all his emo glory. From the Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini series of figures, this is the second figure in the line. Squall Trading Arts Mini 02

Squall comes in his standard Final Fantasy VIII leather jacket with the white fluff and leather pants that have too many belts. Both arms on this body are supposed to swing forward and back but are a little paint stuck on mine and I'm afraid to force it since the whole figure is made of soft PVC. The right hand is removable and can be swapped out with a hand holding Squall's default Gunblade. The other body is of Squall wearing his SeeDs uniform which has always been a favorite alternate of mine, especially in Dissidia Final Fantasy. There are no moving parts on the SeeDs body but the right hand can be removed and be replaced with the hand holding the Lionheart Blade.

Squall Trading Arts Mini 08

Both bodies can use either the Gunblade holding hand of the Lionheart Blade hand but the Gunblade hand has the black glove on it while the Lionheart Blade has the exposed hand meaning that each sword hand is meant to work with their own costumes.

Squall Trading Arts Mini 03

The figure comes with four faces, each having Squall's signature scar in between his eyes and an earring on the left ear. The default face attached to the figure shows a pair of fierce look since the pupils are small and he's sorta got the "angry eyes" eyebrows. The second face is more calm with big anime pupils. The third face has swirls replacing the eyes, showing a sort of dizzy of confused expression. The forth face is blank, possibly leaving the design up to the user.

Squall Trading Arts Mini 04 These are the three signs that come with the figure. I can't read Japanese so I don't know what they say but I hear it's two of Squall's signature phrases. The third sign shows the combat menu of FF8's ATB sytem with "G.F." (Guardian Force) replacing the more common "Summon" command. You can position these signs however way you want with the included clips that plug into the base.

Squall Trading Arts Mini 05 This figure set also includes two of the smaller Guardian Force creatures that you can summon in the game. The elusive Cactuar and the elixir loving Pupu. They each have a hole on their back which you can use to plug on the base via the ball tipped plastic arms. Both of Squall's bodies have said hole too.

Squall Trading Arts Mini 06 The figure looks great and all the little paint details add so much to the overall look. My only gripe with this figure is that the SeeDs body has a hard time plugging into the base which can make it a total bitch to position just right. I only wish there was a Rinoa figure that can go with Squall so that I can recreate the ballroom dance scene in chibi form.

Squall Trading Arts Mini 13 For the most part, I'll be displaying Squall wearing his SeeDs uniform as it was the main reason that drove me to getting this figure.

Oh and by the way, Rinoa is coming in the next wave of the Trading Arts Kai Mini line. Hohoho!