Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini

Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini 01 Datablitz has been selling videogame figures for a while now. Namely the World of Warcraft figures. Now, they've recently been selling action figures, mainly from the Play Arts and Play Arts Kai line. While all those are well and good, I did see a few figures that I wasn't familiar with. The Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini series of figures.

Chibi Final Fantasy character is the most straight forward way of describing these figures. Unlike other Final Fantasy Trading Arts figures, these chibis have a bit of articulation to them. All have the same sized faces, neck ball joints and for the most part, the same hair connection. Each figure comes with 3 extra faces, a body wearing the default outfit, a second body (usually an alternate costume from their game or the character riding something like Cloud's bike from Advent Children), a hand/hands holding their signature weapon/weapons and sometimes something extra like a summon creature. Each figure also comes with one spiky speech bubble, a regular speech bubble, and a sign usually displaying the ATB command list from their respective games.

Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini 02

They're priced at 795php each, 750php if you pay in cash. I've recently procured 2 figures from the Trading Art Kai Mini line and though not the easiet figure to work with, they are a good value for their price. If you guys like the Final Fantasies, check these figures out. They're hella cute.

Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini 03