Sony patents a new controller design

moveshock 01Sony has just revealed a patent for a new controller design which is basically a fusion of a dualshock controller and the PS Move. This controller has balls. Aside from the basic dualshock buttons and the two balls on top, the controller is designed to split in the middle so that it can be used as two separate Move controllers. As seen in the PDF that Sony released, there are concept designs on how the controllers could split. Ranging from clips, pins, a twist lock and as well as a slide lock.

I guess Sony knows that no one likes the ball on top of the Move controller so they've also included an image showing the possible shapes that will be in place of the balls. Some looking more suggestive than the others.

moveshock 04

The patent was actually filed back in May of 2011. As goofy as this might look, remember that a patent is not a promise so this controller may not see the light of day. Remember the boomerang controller that was supposed to be the controller design for the PS3?


More images can be found in the PDF file.


News source: [thesixthaxis, Dtoid]