Portal 2 'In Motion' DLC hits PSN next week

If by any chance you still have your copy of Portal 2 on the PS3, you are in luck. 'In Motion', a DLC created by Sixense Studios for Valve's Portal 2, will be hitting the Playstation Network on November 6. This DLC is a Playstation Move enabled campaign with 20 new test chambers that includes new game mechanics such as scaling or rotating objects.

Together with the release of the DLC, the digital version of Portal 2 will be released on the PSN which will include move support patch. For players with physical copies of the game, a free game patch will also arrive at the same day to implement the move support. The move support coming from Sixense is not only for the In Motion DLC, but also for the original campaign and co-op campaign of the game.

We are excited to now work with Sony and Valve to deliver content that takes advantage of the advanced motion tracking of the PlayStation Move. Portal 2 In Motion introduces gameplay mechanics, including scaling and rotation of objects as well as portal surfing. These new abilities are all required as the player progresses through an increasingly challenging set of test chambers that look familiar from Portal 2, but require new thinking to solve.

For this DLC, you get to pick either P-body or Atlas, the playable test robots from the co-op campaign.

The 'In Motion' DLC will set you back $9.99. For PS Plus members, you will be receiving a 30% discount on the DLC when it hits PSN.

[Source: official PS Blog]