Just Cause 2 Let's Play by Migoy

Just Cause 2 I just started playing Just Cause 2 and decided that I will capture most (if not all) my gameplay footage of it to share with you my experience with the game.

I bought a second hand platinum copy of Just Cause 2 way back in April this year but only touched it now. The reason being that I simply had no time. Now that I do, I will hopefull record my complete first playthrough of this game and upload it to our youtube channel. With only the CD-RKing Gaming Capture Box at my displosal, please bare with me as there might some differences in the quality of the videos as I am trying out different bitrates and encoding options to find out what works best with what I have.

I will be putting all my Just Cause 2 videos into a playlist and maybe do the same for other games if I decide to do recording sessions of them too.