Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's amazing cinematic trailer

Remember Final Fantasy XIV? the MMORPG Final Fantasy game that pretty much went downhill right when it started? Well, Square gave it a complete overhaul bearing a new title Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. A jaw-dropping cinematic trailer was just released by Square Enix making me wish this was just another Final Fantasy title instead of an MMORPG. The trailer's 6 minutes long, check it out below.

Thanks to the negative reaction it received on its first release, Square Enix decided to not give up on the project and plan to relaunch the game under a new set of developers. With a new game engine, redesigned UI and game maps, a new server system, pretty much a complete make-over, Square Enix hopes that this re-do of Final Fantasy XIV would please fans of the series since they too were not happy on the quality of the game the first time.

Will this relaunch save this title? Can't say much yet, but one thing's for sure, Square Enix can never disappoint with game cinematics.

A Realm Reborn is currently on its Alpha testing and the relaunch of the MMO will come sometime next year 2013. The long awaited PS3 version of the online game will also be released alongside the PC version.