[Updated - 11/08/12 ] Datablitz raided for selling 'pirated' software?

Well you don't hear this everyday. Datablitz, the go-to place to buy original hardware and video games in the Philippines have been raided by PNP for selling 'pirated' software. 

In an article coming from GMA news,  The raid was triggered by a complaint coming from X-Play Online Games Inc., the distributor games such as NBA 2k13, Diablo 3, and other games. It was said that the branch at Robinsons Ermita mall was hit by this raid but another article from Bombo Radyo Philippines reports that other branches have been raided as well.

Communities such as TipidPC.com are currently doubting the reports that Datablitz is indeed selling pirated software. Datablitz has been the go-to place when it comes to original game titles, so I don't blame them.

With regards to Datablitz's website, Back2Gaming reports that the site being down has nothing to do with the raid, it so happens that it went down during this incident.

This is definitely not the full story at this time. Will update as soon as any update comes up.

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UPDATED - 11/06/12 5PMInteraAksyon reports that the raid seized 2.65M worth of unauthorized gaming software across multiple Datablitz branches. NBA 2k13 was one of the unauthorized games seized, they did not specify on the other titles seized. So it was not a raid for selling piracy but more of unauthorized selling of certain titles. This is pretty big since Datablitz would be charged with violation of Section 168 of Republic Act 8293, or the law on unfair competition.

Both Datablitz and X-Play has yet to make official statements on the matter, but an update on the GMA article suggests that an official statement will be released on Wednesday morning, November 7.

UPDATED - 11/06/12 9PM - jayvee Hernandez, a blogger, has posted the official statement from X-Play regarding the raid. Datablitz has yet to release a statement

UPDATED - 11/07/12 4PM. - Datablitz Releases an official statement regarding the monday incident through their Facebook page. Thanks Tim from GameRumble for pointing out the release at the comments!

Here is also another link to X-Play's official statement on the matter that was posted on their website.

As the story develops, I keep saying to myself "Who the hell is X-Play??" Out of nowhere they start waving that they are official distributors of titles such as NBA 2k13, Diablo 3, and more. It's unfortunate that this happened to Datablitz and hopefully they find a way to get past this and continue to provide good quality original titles to the public.

UPDATED - 11/08/12 4PM - Inquirer Tech reports that during the raid, CIDG seized 2.7M worth of products that were allegedly smuggled from Hong Kong and Singapore.