Bioshock: Infinite will have no multiplayer, says Ken Levine


Bioshock Infinite Screenshot Can't wait to see Bioshock: Infinite's multiplayer? Don't hold your breath. It is now confirmed that Bioshock: Infinite will not have any form of multiplayer.

Ken Levine, co-founder and creative director over at Irrational Games tweeted that there will be no multiplayer when the game ships early next year. With most triple A titles forcing any form of multiplayer in their games to come out more appealing, its great news to hear that the studio is dumping their remaining resources to the game's campaign. Bioshock is one of those game franchises that is better off without one, not every game needs to have a multiplayer component to be successful. They added multiplayer for Bioshock 2, so it was a possibility that we would see multiplayer for Bioshock: Infinite which made me fear for the worse. Ideas for multiplayer modes were in the air but thankfully nothing came to light. Kotaku reported that two multiplayer modes(One even called "Spec-Ops") was originally planned but was soon cancelled. Good riddance.

It has been a trend lately for big titles. Franchises that succeed and earn a sequel usually comes back with multiplayer to have a more appealing title, even though having such mode doesn't make much sense to the game (for example, Dead Space 2). It's good to see some studios still try to stay away from it and focuses on the single player aspect of the game that made it famous to begin with.

Bioshock: Infinite hits shelves on February 23, 2013 on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.