G4 pulls the plug on X-Play and Attack of the Show, will last until the end of the year

It's an end of an era. G4's longest running shows has been cancelled and will only run until the end of the month. During the last few months, both shows will be airing memorable moments that will eventually lead to the shows farewell episodes. 

A few months ago long time hosts Kevin Pereira for Attack of the Show! and Adam Sessler for X-Play left G4, so with that alone, this was no surprise at all. With them out of the picture, it's really hard to picture any form of success for the two shows. But there's a bigger picture.

It was reported by Joystiq that the editorial staff of G4's The Feed has been laid off. So a lot of people at G4 are losing their jobs right now and we hope for the best for them.

It was a long run for both shows. Attack of the Show! was first aired in 2005, and brought pretty hilarious moments every now and then. X-Play,will surely be missed. Even when it was still called Extended Play, it was my go-to place for gaming news and reviews for the longest time when I was young.

This definitely does not look good for G4 as a network. Last time I checked, X-Play and Attack of the Show! is pretty much the G4 network.

You can check out G4's official statement here.