Diablo 3 patch 1.0.5 now live, new features add more challenge to the game

A huge patch for Diablo 3 just went live today. Aside from the usual class changes and bug fixes that come with patches, 1.0.5 will be adding two new features to the game that will hopefully satisfy those end game junkies. 

Monster Power

Not the most appealing name, but I guess it will do. Monster Power gives you the freedom to actually set how challenging one difficulty can be. You are given the option to how strong the enemy hits and how tough they are. The tougher and deadlier they are, the more experience, magic find/gold find, and loot you earn. A difficulty setting within each difficulty setting, not sure if that makes any sense. You can have a more detailed explanation over here.

Infernal Machine   

This one I can't wait to see. this is the improved version of those uber bosses you get to unlock on Diablo 2 back in the day online. The Infernal Machine, if used, activates a portal that lets you fight two uber bosses at the same time. These bosses are said to be a harder version of the original. Still not sure how hard but top that with the Monster Power 10 should be a decent challenge for the top geared characters.

On the first few weeks of Diablo 3, on Hell act 4 and Inferno, you are stuck with one viable build because everything else gets you killed. The skill changes in 1.0.5 are done to give more viable builds in the end game. Well, I'm sure that's what the devs at Blizzard are hoping when they did these changes. But there will be that superior build that just works no matter what.

You can check out the full patch notes here.