Recent Buys: Episode 13 - Max Anarchy

Max Anarchy Max Anarchy (Anarchy Reigns in the US) is sort of in "localization limbo" right now since SEGA delayed the US release for another year. The Japanese version has complete English menus, voices, etc in the game which means that the game is complete. Instead of waiting for another year for a game that might not even see the light of US shores, I took matters into my own hands and imported the game.

I have many reasons for wanting this game. Let me name a few. It's made by Platinum Games. I like action games. It features Bayonetta. It features Jack from MadWorld. And it features Bayonetta. Bayonetta is actually available as DLC and I needed to make a Japanese PSN account to use the redeem code included. I had my copy of Max Anarchy imported by and it took about 5 weeks for the game to arrive and the game is in great condition. If you guys want any Japanese games imported, I'd recommend you conttact the folks at