Prepare to Die Edition out now in PH

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is now out in the Philippines. Now if you haven't played Dark Souls and have a PC setup that can run this game, you just go right now and get it. Friendly warning though, this game isn't very forgiving. You will die and probably burst a vein while playing it.

But stick to it! This was one of my personal favorites in 2011 and the character customization is surprisingly deep if your into that sort of thing.

Datablitz currently has the game at P1,795, which is ridiculously cheap. It includes a  poster, an artbook, 5 exclusive post cards, DVD of "The Making of Dark Souls", the original soundtrack, and of course the game itself.

The PC version of the game also includes extra bosses and content that were cut out during the game's development. It's pretty much DLC  integrated into the game and PC gamers get first dibs on it. So that's another reason to get this version of the game.

Console gamers, don't rage just yet. We will get the extra content eventually, but it will be released as DLC at the end of the year.

Still having second thought? Check out my PS3 review of the game.