Guild Wars 2 and its five pillars of gameplay

Guild Wars 2 is almost here. The game is only days away and I can't wait to start playing. I've pre-purchased the game, downloaded and updated the client. All that's left to do is stock up the fridge and wait for the servers to go live. To celebrate Guild Wars 2's launch, here are five videos that pretty much explain each core feature that makes Guild Wars 2. Just in case you're wondering what this game is all about.

Personal Story

Dynamic Events

Active Combat

Player vs Player

World vs World

Guild Wars 2 is the MMORPG that will set the bar higher for future MMO's. I participated on the third and final beta weekend and it's definitely not going to disappoint. I'll be playing under the name QuashTMG on the server Isle of Janthir.  With what I experienced during the beta weekend, I decided to go with a Charr Engineer as my main character. The kit and toolbelt system got to me and wielding dual pistols are just too cool for me.

Guild Wars 2 will be out on Aug 28, 2012, but for players that have already pre-purchased the game online, they(me) get a 3 day head start(Aug 25).

It's not too late though. You can still pre-purchase the game to get that 3 day headstart. Just head over here and get yourself a copy.

If you live in the Philippines, Datablitz is now offering pre-orders for Guild Wars 2.