Weekend, what are you playing?

The Walking Dead Game - Starved for help Another week, and another weekend post. Telltale's The Walking Dead was released this week and when the announcement hit the internet, I already knew what I'll be doing during the weekend. What are you guys playing this weekend? Hit the comments when you can.

Quash: The Walking Dead: Episode 2 was definitely worth the wait. Still wished Telltale would release each episode every week because just like any good series, I'm hooked. If you loved the first episode, you won't be disappointed in episode 2. Gameplay is still the same but the story is definitely getting better. You can feel the change in each character based on your decisions and the good writing does a good enough job to care about each person(except Larry). Episode 1 and 2 is well worth the $5 price, heck getting the whole bundle for $20 is worth it. I did 2 playthrough's to see how each choice changes the story, and it's actually worth making multiple games. Episode 2 is about 2-3 hours long.

Diablo 3

After The Walking Dead, I went back to Diablo 3 for a bit to do a little farming. The addicting to this game isn't like before but it's still there. With DPS at 120k(SS) on my Demon Hunter, doing Inferno on Act 1 and Act 2 is a breeze. I do get one shot still since I built my guy as a Glass Cannon, so I still need to pay attention when playing. Repair costs are 5 times the amount since the 1.0.3 patch, so dying over and over again isn't an option unless you have millions of gold.


Migoy: Didn't really get to play much this weekend but since it was the first weekend showing of The Amazing Spider-man movie and with it's game just being released I popped in my GameCube copy of Spider-man 2 to revisit the 1st introduction of open-world web swinging to the Spider-man games. I watched a few reviews for The Amazing Spider-man game and saw a few things that I didn't like but after seeing the movie, it added fuel to my hype for the game. I might pick it up while I still got the hype for it but I've only seen R1 copies of it at Datablitz which is a little too expensive at the moment. Hopefully a 2nd hand copy emerges shortly or the stores get R3 copies soon.