Final fantasy 7 officially being re-released, wait what?

Apparently Square Enix thinks it's a great idea to re-release Final Fantasy 7 in the PC with added online features. It's still the same game we love to play over and over, but with features we don't really need if you ask me. You have to see the trailer for this version of the game, the trailer sounds just as old as the game. It's hard to believe this trailer came out this week.

Added features include 36 achievements to collect, cloud save, and a character booster that lets you alter your characters and income to make things way easier for you.

Not a strong enough incentive to buy the game again. I love Final Fantasy 7 and bought a copy of the game twice already(one physical, one digital), so buying this won't happen at all.

This version of Final Fantasy 7 is still on its "Coming Soon" Stages but it won't take long for them to add... well stuff like achievements. When it gets released, you can buy a copy at the Square Enix store.

[Source: Square Enix]