Weekend, What Are You Playing?

Path of Exile Weeeekkkeeeennnd!! Sorry, a bit too much but hey, weekends are awesome. What are you playing?

Quash: This weekend I played a couple of games, games that would soothe the wait for Diablo 3(Yes I really can't wait). So I started playing Torchlight, an amazing action RPG. Yes, it's a Diablo clone, but definitely the best clone. Even with its cartoon art style, the game screams Diablo, which is a great thing and is exactly what I was looking for. Plus some Diablo 1 and 2 devs who left Blizzard worked on Torchlight, so yes its a clone.  I'm a sucker for action RPG's right now.

Path of Exile

This weekend I also participated on Path of Exile's Open beta stress test weekend. Path of Exile is also an action RPG but will be free to play and only accessible online. It's currently on closed beta but for this weekend only the beta is open to the public in order for the developers to stress test their servers. Again, a Diablo inspired video game. Developers are called Grinding Gear Games and is literally a group of gamer's that felt the lack of action RPG's and decided to make one for themselves. but there's so many features in the game that got me interested. for instance - There's no currency. Yes, an island filled with people exiled from the world did not bother with a currency system, but instead make business by trading an item for an item. Selling all your crap normal gear will earn you items like wisdom scrolls(identifies items), weapon upgrade items and more. believe it or not - Getting stuff like a wisdom scroll and usable items are quite rare, so it works out.

You know those red and blue potions that keep action RPG players alive and kicking against hordes of monsters? They work differently in Path of Exile. Even how you level up and earn skills are quite interesting. This game can't be called a Diablo clone. It has a lot of unique features that could make the game stand on its own without the comparison. The game also has a passive tree where you spend all the point you earn when you level up. The passive tree is just like Final Fantasy X's Sphere grid system and yes it is also massive.

The beta players so far gets access to 2 acts of the game and have a level cap of 60, which is impressive compared to past beta's that give you around only an hour of content.

If your interested in an action RPG that isn't Diablo or Torchlight, this needs your attention. I'm really pleased with the progress of the game and will definitely give this game a go when it comes out officially. And no this isn't an MMO. Players in the beta love comparing this game to the likes of World of Warcraft and Star Wars because it's online.

You can participate with the ongoing closed beta if you choose to support them by buying one of their packs. The cheapest is 10 bucks and earns you 100 points for online store the game will have and a beta key.


KH2 hearts

Migoy: Hopefully this will be my last late entry in a long time. Didn't get to play much in Saturday as I was asleep during most of the day and out during the rest. I did get to try out Mortal Kombat on the PS Vita and it was pretty smooth, a nice handheld port of the gorey fighting game. Got some good time on Sunday though. Finally started playing Kingdom Hearts for real but the differences in combat between the first and the second game clearly shows. Everything was so much smoother in KH2 but KH is still a pretty neat game for it's age.