Diablo 3: Wrath finally unlocked

Diablo Archangels If you have been following the Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise, you probably know that it has finally reached 100% unlock. The last unlock is the reveal of the animated short titled "Wrath" - A 6-minute video of an endless battle between angels and demons. The short was directed by Peter Chung(Æon Flux ) and was created over at animation studio Titmouse. Gamer's waiting for Diablo 3 - This won't make the wait easier.

Pretty darn amazing. I have a feeling we get to fight one of the angels as a final boss in one of the acts of Diablo 3, wanna bet it's Archangel of Valor?

Just like everybody else - I can't wait for Diablo 3. Playing the beta and re-playing Diablo 2 made me realize how addicted I'll be when May 15 hits.