Diablo 3 is live and available!

Diablo 3 is live! Just like clockwork, when the 11pm on may 14 hit, i was able to start installing Diablo 3. When 12am hit, I was able to get into Asian servers and start playing. At this time Asia and Europe servers are now online. What's left is US servers and when that goes up global play will be activated giving all players the option to go to any server they choose.

If you bought digital copies of the game, you can start playing. If you pre-ordered copies from lets say Datablitz? They just got they're copies so I suggest you start heading there because they say the line is getting long. If you didin't place a pre-order in a local store in the Philippines, don't try your luck. Stocks apparently are enough just for the people who pre-ordered.

Perfect timing really. Global play should start around 3pm. by that time, you can pick whatever region you prefer.

I'm playing around with the classes at this point. Since I plan to move to the US servers when my buddies get copies of the game(in a few hours), I'm playing around in the asian servers. This is day one, and asia servers feel as if you're in offline mode. Which is a good sign.

Hows Diablo 3 so far? having issues with installation? connection?