Aliens: Colonial Marines gets delayed to 2013, but at least a new trailer is out

Aliens: Colonial MarinesYet another title schedule for a 2012 has been delayed and pushed to 2013. Aliens: Colonial Marines is being developed at Gearbox Software and I guess it sort of makes sense.

With their more successful title, Borderlands 2 coming out in September, the move seems to just avoid the two title going against each other, or avoid going against other big titles this year. It's a bummer I'm sure if you've been waiting for yet another Aliens game, but think of it this way - Delay means a more polish product. This is pretty much the third title pushed out of the 2012 line-up and placed in early 2013. Check the new trailer below.

Aliens: Colonial Marines' new release date is February 12, 2013 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.