Weekend, what are you playing?

Star Wars: The Old Republic We are now midway through April and the heat is unbearable here in the Philippines. It's summer here in a tropical country so go figure, but enough of the weather, what have you been playing this weekend?

Quash: Still at it with Star Wars: The Old Republic. I've continued one more month since I'm very anxious to see the last two chapters of my Jedi Knight story line, plus I started my Smuggler class to play all Han Solo-like. For games like this, the end game is really the meat of every MMORPG nowadays, but for me its the other way around for The Old Republic. The best way I can describe the progression in this game is like your playing Knights of the Old Republic. God how I wished this was just a single player game. Will I continue after my month is over? No. From what I'm seeing, I only need a month to experience everything this MMO has to offer as a casual player. Plus, Diablo 3 is out in a month. Can't wait.

I've also tried the free DLC for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer. The new races you can now play are cool and all but It's the two added maps that would keep this multiplayer alive. Hopefully they keep up with giving DLC for free but with EA, it might be just a one time deal. Oh and if looking for closure in the ending of Mass Effect 3, an extended cut of the ending will be out soon in the form of a DLC, free of charge.


Migoy: I slept most of my Saturday away so I didn't get to play anything until around 10pm. What I did play during that time was the demo of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and I have to say that I was really digging the battle system. I spent almost 3 hours playing it which is pretty hefty for a demo. Now I kinda want to get my hands on Final Fantasy XIII and then 13-2. But I gotta say this, quick time events (or as they call it "Cinematic Action")? Really?

The FF13-2 demo was really the only highlight of my weekend gaming but I did pop in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 because I formulated some combos in my head (which really didn't work out as I planned) and I was also curious about the costume DLC glitch that just got patched out. Since I still don't have internet at home (damn you PLDT) and I don't have access to any recent online updates I decided to try out the glitch and as you know the Magneto costume is not accessible because of of certain issues that arose however since the costumes are just locked in the disc (lol Capcom), using the glitch gives you access to Swagneto's alternate costume which I think is totally badass. I do plan on purchasing the costumes eventually but now I might as well enjoy my "early access" with them.

its costumes baby