Weekend, what are you playing?

Star Wars: The Old Republic Busy week for me and I'm sure you guys had the same. Just like last week, tell what you've been playing? I've returned to a game I thought I'd never play again, but thanks to a cousin, I was able to play around with it a bit more.

Quash: What game? Star Wars: The Old Republic. Yes, that MMORPG once again hit my PC. But I didn't buy a copy. A cousin of mine was playing it but after a month he actually he stopped playing. It never clicked he said. So after giving his experience with Bioware's first MMO, he offered me his account which now has about 11 days left in it. Heck, 11 days to try out the full game? Why the hell not. On saturday, that's all I did that day. It felt like the World of Warcraft days. At the end of the day I was able to reach from level 1 to 16. My cousin was shocked, I just said I do things quick.

If I wasn't given this opportunity, I would still be playing Resonance of Fate, a JRPG that I've been wanting since it's release in 2010. But for now that will be on hold until my 11 days are up. I have no plans on continuing on my cousin's account so after 11 days, goodbye Star Wars. With Diablo 3 and Dragon's Dogma on the horizon, there's just no room for any other game.



Just tried out Vanquish for the first time this weekend and I am having a blast. Shooting robots in this game is fun, the action is fast paced and there are explosions happening left and right. Also got a 2nd hand PS1 and played some Bust A Groove 2 and a few laps of Chocobo Racing on it. More Bayonetta, I think I'm almost done with the game. I just reached a 4million score in Tetris DS, my highest so far and at level 179. The lines cleared stopped counting once it his 999 but I can assure you that I got more than that.

level 179