God of War: Ascension announced by online retailer

God of War 4 Rumors have been roaming around the net for a possible God of War IV announcement. Well those rumors are actually spot on, a new God of War is coming, called God of War: Ascension.

Today, Amazon.com posted a possible box art for the game and a teaser trailer that hints the game being a prequel to the five games already out.

From the trailer, it really sounds like it's a prequel. Even before he became the Ghost of Sparta.

Amazon places God of War: Ascension for a December 31, 2013 release, but that release date from these sites usually mean no official date has been announced. But expected to be around 2013.

Is this the new God of War you wanted? A prequel? Or would you rather find out what happens after God of War 3?

I'm good either way. As long as a new God of War game is on the way, I'm happy.

Expect more news coming from Sony about this reveal in the next few days.

[Source: IGN, GameTrailers]