Weekend, what are you playing?

Juan Rafael Liwanag

The Final Round tournament is happening this weekend with the conclusion to Capcom's reality show Cross Assault and a bunch of other fighting games taking place. Got some awesome games coming up in just a few days too. So much hype. But for the moment, what are you playing?

Migoy: Been playing a lot more Soul Calibur V and finally learned how to do a few combos with some characters. The character creation mode is a blast and really well done for a fighting game. I tend to use my created characters more than the actual characters for the most part now. Played a bit of Uncharted: Golden Abyss on the PS Vita, Sony's new handheld console. A bit sad that the game doesn't run on 60fps (my expectations for the Vita are very high) but it still looks very impressive considering it's on a handheld system, it looks even better than the first Uncharted which was on the PS3. The Vita is a nice sleek system which is very impressive considering it just launched not too long ago.

Quash: Mass Effect 3 is two days away for us so I'm all hyped to take back earth on Tuesday. Currently playing Mass Effect 2 again on Insanity to earn the Platinum trophy. It's not entirely that punishing, you just have to play a bit more safe. I'm playing as an engineer which is making it a bit easier since the combat drone gives me enough time to recover my shields.