Borderlands 2 dated, out on September 18 in North America and September 21 for the rest

Borderlands 2 After the reveal of Borderlands 2, Gearbox has gone silent with the sequel. Now they lifted the curtains and revealed tons of information with just one trailer. The video gives us a look at the new and improved Pandora, all new playable characters, more guns to loot, and most important of all, a release date.

The sequel will bring a new set of skill trees, playable characters, and a bigger variety of guns to loot. The game of course can still be played as a 4 player coop, so is split screen.  The old characters from the first game as you can see make an appearance but now as NPC's.

They also mentioned bonuses if you pre-order the game. Pre-ordering will earn you the Gearbox Gun Pack, a Golden Key and the Vault Hunter’s Relic.

I played Borderlands recently with friends to finally finish all the DLC's of the game. We knocked out everything but claptrap's revolution. Thanks to the trailer, I'm hyped again to hop back into it and take on the last DLC.