Total Game Time for 2012

Glee is gay A brand new year and a brand new start to just about anything. A perfect time for fresh ideas to be made and executed.

So Quash had this idea about timing each of our game sessions and sum it up to see just how many hours we spend playing video games in a whole year. Quash is doing an overall game time which can be seen on the sites sidebar. I have taken it a step further by creating a an online spreadsheet on Google Docs which I log in the game time as well the game title and what platform I am playing it on.

Counted by hours, minutes, and seconds which is then added together for an over all gameplay time per day then eventually an over all game time count for the month and finally (when I get down to inputting all the days of the year) an over all count for the year.

For monitoring measures I just use an app on my cellphone which I turn on when I start a game and stop when I know I'm really done for that moment/session. This applies to all home console games, PC games, portable handheld games, and maybe even mobile games. I've missed a few minutes of game time because I sometimes forget to turn on the timer, I've probably lost around 2 hours or less, but as am trying to make it a habit so that starting and stopping the timer will become second nature.

You can view my spreadsheet here. I try to update it as often as I can so more often than not there will be daily updates on it and the fact that it's online, I have access to it as long as there is an internet connection.


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