VGA 2011: Epic Games reveal new title called Fortnite

Epic Games mentioned a new game is in the works and will be revealed during the VGA's. Well, it isn't a new Gears game, or another Bulletstorm, but an entirely new title called Fortnite. Epic Games is bringing something completely different this time around. Still powered by Unreal, the debut trailer shows a camera man filming a group survivors preparing during the day for an onslaught of zombie-like creatures that obviously comes out at night.

Fortnite seems to have a cartoon-ish art that I've never seen from Epic Games. Reminded me a little of Team Fortress 2's art. While I wasn't too thrilled with what I saw(possible zombie survival again?), the fact that Epic Games is showing that their open in creating something entirely different from what people expect from them is a big plus for me. Not much info was given, not even a date or platform release.