Check out Steam's Holiday Sale and start shopping

Steam has its issues like when installing a game or updates that are just a pain, but they have been having sales since the black friday sale making me forget all the problems working a game through Steam. Since the start of December, they have been featuring daily sale for a specific game. It's been going for a while now having great games like Bastion and even Dead Island going 50% off. Now with Christmas only days away, it got even better with the Steam Holiday Sale.

If you're an avid PC gamer, you should check out the Steam store for the huge sale they're having. Instead of just one deal for a game for the day, there will be several choices this time. If you don't like the offers today, check tomorrow because they will have a new set of deals for the next day until January 1. gotta love christmas.

The Great Gift Pile

Not only that, they're also introducing this interactive contest called the The Great Gift Pile.  In a nutshell - if you logged into your Steam account, your given a list of six objectives to complete within 24 hours and changes daily. Those objectives are pretty much achievements in a specific game on steam. If you've completed an objective, you get either a gift or a coal item. Gifts will have special prices like free games, or discount coupons when you open it. Like for me, I was able to do an objective and I earned 1 coal and coupon that gives a 33% discount  on any Valve published game.  The coal item isn't there to just for nothing though. Each coal in you're inventory is consider one entry on the big giveaway happening on Jan 2. So the more coal stored in your inventory, the bigger your chance winning. If you want to gamble though, crafting 7 coals will result into one gift that could either lead to a coupon or a free game.Risky.

The big giveaway happening on Jan 2 is pretty exciting. Its like the big gaming lotto of 2011. There will be a grand winner(1), First prize winners(50), second prize winners(100), and third prize winners(1000). Third prize winners will earn a Valve complete pack(every Valve game in Steam), second prize winners earn the top 5 games in their wishlist, and first prize winners earn the top 10 games on their wishlist. The grand prize winner gets EVERY GAME REGISTERED ON STEAM. damn! What a lucky bastard whoever wins the grand prize. If you have a Steam account, go check if you're eligible to join.

It's an awesome interactive program but objectives can only be done if you actually have the game. It's good for us if we earn gifts but it's also good for them because their giving people incentive to buy that game just to earn an objective. Smart move Steam, like I'm tempted to buy "Orcs Must Die" since its cheap and one of its achievements is an objective.

Steam is also having pack deal discounts. these pack deals are a bunch of games made by a specific developer all packed up in one price. Those packs are now having a huge price drop.

If your planning to give a gamer friend a give for christmas via Steam, now is the time to do so. Happy Shopping!