Weekend, what are you playing?

Batman and Catwoman in Arkham City It’s almost Halloween and a certain Bat is out. I’m guessing some of you are punching thugs using a certain millionaire. Whether you are or aren’t the Bat would you kindly share with us what it is you are playing this weekend.

zero and omega

Migoy: So far I haven’t done a lot of gaming this weekend. Watching a lot of shows and movies so that I can free up some space in my hard drive however I have put at least an hour or two in Mega Man Zero Collection. Seriously, easy scenario = tanking through every hit striking back. I’m planning to play some scary games in the dark since Halloween is right around the corner but I don’t know if I’m man enough.

Arlie: Still playing Gran Turismo 5 and already reached Level 40 on B-Spec. I was really pissed on how the DLCs were implemented. I wasn't able to buy the DLC because it's account locked and region locked, I have an Asian GT5 disc and a US PSN account. So instead of buying a PSN card for the GT5 DLC, I pre-ordered a copy of Battlefield 3 Limited Edition that will be released next week. Fuck you Polyphony Digital!

Quash: Got myself Batman: Arkham City for the Xbox 360. 40% done and it's literally an upgraded version of Arkham Asylum with a bigger playground. It's an amazing game, and there's tons to do around Arkham City. Damn those riddler trophies, they're everywhere! Some trophies are easy to get, while some are pretty tricky to earn. The Freeflow combat is better than ever to the point that I look for 20 thugs all at once to beat up.