"Michael" - Long Live Play

play Remember that Long Live Play Kevin Butler video thing? Long Live Play is PlayStation's current gimmick right now to get more gamers into the spirit of gaming (ie get more people to buy their stuff). PSN PLAY is a program that's going on in the PlayStation Store. Every game purchase that falls under the 'PLAY' category will give you special bonuses like a free piece of DLC and so on. Sony then teased that they would be revealing something come October 5th. It's not a major announcement or a new game. It was just a video but what a video it is.

What do you think video game characters do when you turn your console off?

If you don't understand who Michael is, Michael is the gamer and the gamer is you. The person who guides all these characters around through their adventures, fights through waves of enemies, and saves the world many times over. For these characters, you are their hero. Long Live Play.