First look at the Phoenix Wright movie

PW IRL Earlier this year I had heard about a live action Phoenix Wright movie being made. That was enough news for me and I have then since not followed up on any news about it as I simply await it's release and hopefully a subtitled version comes out shortly after.

Recently an image of the actor who would be playing Wright (or Naruhodo Ryuichi in Japan) has surfaced on the net complete with the super gel-ed hair and my friends who have seen it have been telling me that the game is getting a live action movie (which I already knew). But what's better than a static image? Some video footage of course and IGN has dug up just that.

To be honest back when I first heard about this I wished that they would've just made it an OVA instead and from what I've seen in the video, some characters just... don't look right. I mean Maya looks out right nasty in this. Complaints aside I will still watch this movie and will probably love it. The virtual screens that appear to show evidence suits the style as it looks to bring some of the intense back and forth arguments in the Phoenix Wright court into the live action movie world.

Oh, and the voices of the actors who play Wright, Edgeworth, and Von Karma nail it. IGIARI! I mean~ OBJECTION!