PS3 players will get Battlefield 3 DLC first, Open Beta also announced

Battlefield 3While Xbox 360 players get first access to Call of Duty DLC, Battlefield 3 DLC will be released in the PS3 a week earlier before the Xbox 360. A week isn't so bad compared to Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC getting released on the Xbox 360 a month earlier.

Tommy Rydling, junior product manager for Battlefield 3 announced it on the official Playstation Blog. Whats the first DLC? it's called Back to Karkand and is said to be released sometime this year. The DLC will provide 4 famous maps from Battlefield 2. I was expecting this to happen for the PS3 since Xbox 360 is already all over the Call of Duty franchise, but this 1 week early access is honestly nothing to the 1 month early access in the Xbox 360 for Black Ops. With Modern Warefare 3, I Wouldn't be surprised if they continue releasing DLCs to 360 players a month earlier. This isn't the only news from the post, they also announced that the open beta of Battlefield 3 will be out on the PSN for download. The Open Beta starts on September 29th to October 10th.

If you actually purchased the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor then you can get into the Open Beta a week earlier. So owners of the Limited Edition can test Battlefield 3 on September 27, 2 days earlier.

There will only be one map I believe for the Open Beta, and that will be Operation Metro, the map they always use to show off the multiplayer part of Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 will be out on October 25 in NA, 27 for Australia, and 28 for Europe. With Datablitz having pre-orders for Battlefield 3, the game release for the Philippines will be Oct 25.

[Source: Gameinformer]