Dead Nation gets a new DLC - Road of Devastation

Thanks to Sony's Welcome back package that serves as a sorry to the PSN outage back in May, I was able to get my hands of Dead Nation. It was a great co-op game and it certainly put back a smile in my face after nearly a month of no online service. Now I can consider running Dead Nation again with the announcement of a DLC called Road of Devastation.

Dead Nation was released back in 2010, and with Dead Nation now owned by a lot of PSN users, I guess releasing DLC makes sense. When it gets released, it will only cost you $3.99 which is not a bad deal with the added weapons and enviroments to the game. You're a soldier waking up in a lab that was trying to make you the ultimate soldier. You are given choices which will lead you to what kind of environments you'll be in and enemies you'll face.

Dead Nation was loads of fun, and with a $3.99 price point, it seems worth the purchase. You can never get enough killing zombies if you ask me.