XCOM E3 2011 demo

Just like Bioshock: Infinite and Metro: First Light, 2k Games Only showed a new trailer for their take on XCOM with their gameplay demo only shown for the people at E3. Now they finally released the demo with commentary. I've said this before and I'll say it again, "why is XCOM an FPS!?".


I mean, I love XCOM. It was an amazing game back then. Why can't they just improve the old concept instead? XCOM was originally a strategy game with turn-based actions, and it's pretty deep for a game made in 1994. Commanding your two agents and the weapon research is the only thing in this game that is true to the old XCOM games. Newcomers to XCOM might have a kick out of this, but gamers that knew the old XCOM games won't like the direction that 2k Games took for their take on XCOM.


Here's an idea of the original game. I remember me being pretty cautious since an alien can be in any corner to ambush your men. It's all about strategy.