Twisted Metal launching on Valentine's Day

Hopefully this new date sticks. Twisted Metal gets a new release date and it will be on Valentine's Day. If by any chance you don't have plans on that special day at least you can grab Twisted Metal. If you do have a date, maybe squeeze in to buy the game? I'm sure your date will understand.

David Jaffe revealed the new date on the Playstation Blog with a little video.  A few weeks ago, he also revealed the huge delay back to 2012. It was originally date for October 4, but they needed the delay since they won't make the release date, the game was just not ready. With around 6 months to go until the release, David Jaffe and his team have all the time they need to polish, develop, and hopefully create the best Twisted Metal title.

Also in the video is a teaser of the story trailer of Doll Face. Yes, it is hilarious that they release teasers for trailers nowadays. A teaser for a teaser. Since I can't find a YouTube of the announcement right now, here's the link again of the announcement.