New Guild Wars 2 footage from Gamescom 2011

More new Guild Wars 2 footage and these videos makes you want to beg ArenaNet for a release date already. It's looking better and better which makes me think that it'll be the change we need in MMO's.

Guild Wars 2 Gamescom 2011 trailer

This is definitely going to be my next MMO, and it has no monthly fee which is perfect. I'll be playing Guild Wars 2 for a very long time I'm sure. It will most likely come out somewhere around 2012 since there are rumors of alpha and beta testing that will happen this year. When we hear about a public beta testing, thats a good indication that it's around 6 months away at least.

Guild Wars 2 Boss Fight: Tequatl the Sunless

Wondered what that amazing looking dragon is in the trailer?? well it's a boss fight that can have up to around 100 players participating in the fight. This fight has a lot of roles that splits the players into doing different tasks like controlling the turrets, taking down the bone walls and of course going head to head with the dragon itself. It's a very dynamic fight and I can't wait to see more of their boss fights in the game.

Whats funny is, the guy said that this is just one of the small dragons in Guild Wars 2. So they have bigger?? heck, this looks grand enough. But if they want to bring bigger, by all means.

Press demo with Developer Commentary


This is pretty lengthy, a video explaining us character customization, underwater combat, dynamic events, game mechanics and more. Definitely a must see.