Kingdom Hearts 3D will bold and daring

An interview between Famitsu magazine and Tetsuya Nomura discussing the Kingdom Hearts games and what's instore for the series. That interview has been translated by SQEX GAL.

In regards of Dream Drop Distance, Nomura told Famitsu that he's trying to explain the story to Disney little by little, since it’s difficult for them to understand it all at once. Nomura may write the story but it has to go through Disney before he can continue.

Kingdom Hearts was said to have a simple story but Nomura says the reason as to why Kingdom Hearts is the convoluted mess we know today is because Final Fantasy creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, once told Nomura long ago that if he wanted Kingdom Hearts to compete with other games, he needed to make the story more complex.

Much like Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, you will be forced to use both Sora and Riku separately and visit the same worlds but in a different order. Since Dream Drop Distance isn't a numbered game like Kingdom Hearts II, Nomura wants this game to be 'bold and daring'.

“Though the story is important to fans as shown by the results of the [Famitsu] survey, it won’t be drawn-out,”

said Nomura. The Famitsu editor conducting the interview asked if this meant the game would have fewer cutscenes, to which Nomura replied this wasn’t the case.

“Not meaning that we’ve decreased the number of cutscenes, but having each one explained one by one reduces the tempo of the game, so we’re introducing a new system to make up for it,”

Nomura replied.

“It’s a directionally different system like what’s being introduced in Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which won’t have cutscenes; it’ll be a sort of integration where you can play during the event scene. Along with that, Sora will fight alongside different friends. There’s also a secret movie being prepared, so please look forward to it.”

Via [Siliconera]