Playstation Store is back!

The Playstation Store is finally back for us to spend our money on after Sony was hacked back in April and compromised over 1 million user accounts. The Welcome back Package is still not live so don't rush to your PS3's to download your freebies. Sony says the package is on it's final testing stages and will be out soon enough.

For now, head over the PlayStation Blog to see whats new in the Playstation Store. With almost 2 months of being offline, the Store has been updated with loads of new content to browse.

There have been reports though that as you browse through or start downloading content you get error code “80710D36”. Nick Caplin, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) communications boss has issued a statement on the matter, stating, "There are so many of you accessing the store at the moment that due to the excessive load, it is a little slow."

I too have experienced this error just by browsing the Store. it's understandable since millions of players are inside the Playstation Store downloading and buying content.

What's the first thing your going to do when you enter the Playstation Store? me I'm currently trying to redeem my "Naked City" free DLC for L.A Noire but getting the error code “80710D36”. Dammit Sony!