Castlevania Symphony of the Night - Changes in the script

Ok, so I just replayed Castlevania Symphony of the Night just a few months ago and after hearing song covers from the soundtrack, the urge to play it has once again built up.

I replayed the original Playstation version and remembered that Alucard's voice in the PSP port and other games past that were different. It made me search on youtube for the cutscenes and see if there were any difference. Lo and behold, complete voice cast make over.

I know it's just my nostalgia talking but I prefer the original dialogue. Sure it's filled with hammy overacting but that's what made it stick to your head. I could recite the whole intro conversation between Richter and Dracula if you asked me to. I had my cousin play the original SotN after I finished it earlier this year and even he has memorized the lines since he's beat it multiple times too.

What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk. Have at you!


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